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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I order from Petersen-Arne?

Petersen-Arne sells wholesale only to registered businesses. We will need a copy of your States Sellers Permit (or ABN number or other legal document) and Taxpayer ID number along with a completed New Customer Application. Our opening order is $250 wholesale.

How do I place my orders?

Orders may be placed by :
  • Calling our toll free number 800-547-2509
  • Our website:
  • Faxing your order to 541-485-3459.
  • Petersen-Arne Pixie. Ask about our small hand held bar code scanner.

How do I pay for orders?

We accept bank debits (ACH or E-Check), Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or terms (with approved credit).

What happens if I pay my Net account late?

If your payment is received after your due date, it will be considered past due and a finance charge of 1.5% will be applied to your account. You may pay credit invoices when due with a credit card for a 3% convenience fee.

Can I buy in small quantities?

We break vendor pack on many items. Look for the Min/Multiple column on our web site, newsletters or Product Announcements. This indicates the order multiple for this item.

Is there a minimum order?

We waive our $15 handling fee on all orders over $100 wholesale cost.

How do I know what my cost is on products?

Entering items into your shopping cart will allow you to see current wholesale pricing. Due to quickly changing information from our vendors, prices are subject to change without notice.

Do you backorder products?

Yes, but we do not automatically backorder products. Please call Customer Service or your sales representative if you would like products placed on backorder.

Does Petersen-Arne substitute products that are discontinued?

No, we do not substitute items. You may call your customer service representative or your sales representative for ideas on alternate products.

Can I add to my order or cancel an item once I have placed an order?

We submit and start working on an order in our warehouse within minutes of its receipt. Because of this, we are unable to accommodate order add-on and item cancellations. We can create a new order for your add-on items and attempt to have orders ship together, but only if the first order is early in the process. However, if we are unable to marry the two orders after processing and the second order does not meet the minimum dollar amount for freight allowances, you would then be responsible for the separate shipping charges.

Will you carefully pack my order?

During the packing process, every effort is made to assure that no damage will occur to your order. Materials such as bubble wrap and paper are used to cushion your goods, and we often receive compliments on how well we pack.

How do I find the packing slip?

With multiple cartons, a "Packing Slip Enclosed" tape will appear on the box containing your paperwork. For international shipments the packing slip will be in an envelope on the outside of the box to facilitate customs processing.

Can you hold my order to ship later?

We are happy to hold your order for a future ship date. Please make a note on your order so that your customer service representative can make an adjustment to your reqeusted ship date.

How does my order ship and who pays freight charges?

We do our best to process your order within 48 hours. Our experienced shipping department will choose the most economical carrier to ship your order. Most small orders ship via UPS or US Postal, depending on your location. Large orders may be shipped via an LTL freight company. You may also choose to give us your own account number from your preferred carrier. If you are an international customer, we can assist you with the appropriate customs form requirements.

Can I return products?

Damaged or Defective: We accept returns when the product received is damaged or defective. All claims must be reported within 10 days to our claims department, ext. 139. All returns must be accompanied by a return authorization number.
Errors: Our error rate is very low, and we are very proud of the quality and accuracy of our warehouse. However, should an error occur, we will correct our mistake and make it right. Please contact ext. 139 for claims within 10 days.
Any other return requests will be handled on a case by case basis within 10 days and a 15% restocking fee will apply.

What if my order arrives damaged?

Should your order be damaged upon receipt, you must file a claim with the freight carrier immediately and save the damaged cartons for inspection.
Please take pictures if possible to support your claim upon arrival of the damaged goods.

What is an Administrator?

The Administrator is a secondary level of security after the initial login for purchasing and browsing. The Administrator is someone entrusted with confidential information, such as pricing, bookkeeping, and the power to set and maintain Custom Retails. In orderto be an Administrator, one must have an administrative Password, which will be required throughout the site when such confidential information is about to be displayed

How do I get an Administrative Password?

When you try to do any operation, which requires a higher level of security, it will ask you for your administrative password, or to create a new one if you dont have one. In order to get your first "Admin" password, be prepared to provide a recent invoice number, and the subtotal of goods from that invoice. This indicates to us that you are someone with access to bookkeeping documents, and therefore, should be allowed the higher security

What is Custom Retail?

Custom Retail is a personalized service available at Petersen-Arne, which allows the Administrator for your account to customize the retail price at which you offer goods for sale in your store. Your Custom Retail Price will appear on the packing list with each order, so that your store personnel will know how to mark goods at receiving. The benefit of custom retail is that it allows you alter the MSRP to either:
  • meet competitive market pricing less than standard SRP
  • make a little extra margin when you can easily do so by increasingly your retail on goods that arent price sensitive

How do the new sort options on the web site work?

Item numbers ranked alpha-numerically by item number. This is our default presentation unless another choice is specifically made. This makes it easiest to find a specific item for ordering.
Most Recent Additions
Items ranked based on their reverse chronological arrival, or "newness" to Petersen-Arne. The newest items will sort to the top.
Price Descending/ Ascending
Items ranked based on the "Web Price" of an item, so that the most expensive (descending) or least expensive (ascending) items sort to the top. Prices are updated daily, and they include discounts available for Clearance and Dollar Store items.
Best Sellers
Items ranked based on the frequency, or how often they are ordered. Items replenished regularly will dominate this ranking and sort to the top. This ranks frequency, turn, or velocity, rather than quantity.
Items ranked based on how many customers (stores) have purchased this item in the last 12-months, regardless of how much or how many times it has been ordered. Design focused items that generally have shorter-term life cycles will rise up, together with basics that everyone should carry anyway all the time.
Retail Price Descending/ Ascending
Items ranked based on the retail price, either highest at the top (descending), or lowest at the top (ascending).
Sales Items on Top
Items ranked according to their discount or mark down percentage descending. This will sort the "Best Deals" to the top.

I see different columns for item price, what do they all mean?

Retail Price
The price most commonly charged at the retail consumer level. This price is usually suggested by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not suggest a price, we calculate a typical retail mark-up for you. We round up to the next logical multiple in order to give you the best price for your staff to mark incoming goods.
Wholesale List
Our everyday wholesale price for qualified wholesale customers who buy in our required multiples.
Web Price
This price is either Wholesale List or less. Items can be less because they are offered on Clearance or The Dollar Store.
You can change the default price columns that appear on your searches by visiting My Profile and checking off the columns you would like to see.